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Thinking about food is almost as fun as eating it – and here at Food For Thought, we do plenty of both! 

Putting more consideration behind what goes into your body is important, but it can also be exciting and entertaining.

Healthy food and drink do not have to be boring and bland, or limp and green – it can be flavourful and interesting…and can even include whiskey or wine as part of a balanced diet!

Think Before You Chew Or Sip

Too often the fuel we consume is hastily prepared or not given enough thought, but we aim to change that.

Food For Thought looks at the future of food and diets through a foodie lens – you won’t find boring scientific stats here (unless we’re making a point), just informed observations about food and drink trends and facts.

From the health benefits of premium whiskey to how many glasses of wine a day you should really be having, Food For Thought has even the most inquiring minds covered.

Healthy Meal Plans Perfectly Simple

Why Food For Thought?


Why not just another food and drink blog – that’s popular with the masses, right?

Well, Food For Thought was started because we wanted to look a little closer at what we were munching and sipping away on.

We still have plenty of fun (and lashings of butter and cream in our diet), but with a little more contemplation behind the dishes we create. We wanted to impart our knowledge about food, health, and wellness in a way that was still entertaining and interesting.

We also have some tasty tidbits about the best foodie destinations in London and surrounds, and some recipes that are sure to make your mouth water.

What You’ll Find Here


This is our little piece of the internet where we share all things food and fabulous. We delve into topics that others do not – like healthy alcoholic beverages – and tackle your food conscience with tips and tricks.

We don’t focus on one style or way of eating, but rather explore all avenues and diets, helping readers to think carefully about what they eat and drink.

Our articles make food and drink exciting again, and being based in London, we have access to a melting pot of foodie experiences, from the Whiskey And Wealth Club (for those who want to invest in their favourite premium tipple) to the eccentric “Supper Street” eateries that make up Islington.

Who Are We?

We’re foodies – plain and simple.

We enjoy the finer side of eating, but will give anything a try once! Our team is ready to dive into the nitty-gritty of food and drink so our readers can make informed decisions about their next epicurean adventure.

We’re Londoners at heart, and will take you on a gastronomic experience around The Big Smoke that is sure to surprise and delight even the pickiest of eaters.

Food For Thought is created by people who enjoy eating for people who enjoy eating.

And – we won’t “trick” you into eating healthier, either!